How To Videos

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Bottle Blonde By Evo

Introducing Bottle Blonde... the swifter lifter.

A professional lightening portfolio including a powder lightener and clay lightener that provides maximum lightening power and flexibility with clean, even blonde results while respecting people and the planet.

Quick and Easy Curls | Aria Beauty Insta Styler

Sakina shows how to curl your hair super fast and easily with the Aria Beauty Insta Styler!

Temporary Hair Color Spray Balayage Technique | KMS STYLECOLOR Real Red

Turn up a curly hairstyle with some temporary color diffusion throughout the hair!

Sonna Brado, KMS National Artist from Jaazz Salon in the USA, shows us the "style colorage" technique, a spin on balayage technique, using STYLECOLOR Real Red temporary spray-on color.

How to Mix Nectaya - nurturing, ammonia-free permanent hair color | Goldwell Education Plus

Nectaya nuturing, amonia-free permanent hair color enriches the hair and creates the best basis for beautiful color results without compromising on performance.
In this tutorial, we show you how to mix the following formula:
-40 g Nectaya Nurturing Developer Lotion 6% 20 vol.
-40 g Nectaya Nurturing Ammonia-Free Permanent Color

Roselisa Jelly Mask Demonstration

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use Roselisa Jelly Masks.

Artistic Nail Design | Perfect Dip One Colour Application

Detailed Perfect Dip One Colour Application Instructions: below the youtube video

Artistic Nail Design | Perfect Dip French Application

Detailed Perfect Dip French Application Instructions: below the youtube video

Artistic Nail Design | Perfect Dip Ombre Nail Art

Detailed Ombre Nail Art Instructions: below the youtube video